Cricket - Featured - April 29, 2020

Aakash Chopra ‘feels it is a misconception that Dhoni’s India comeback was dependent on IPL’

Aakash Chopra spoke once again on Dhoni’s comeback. According to him, it is totally a misconception that Dhoni’s selection in the Indian squad for T20 WC was based on the IPL. Dhoni last played in the World Cup 2019 semi-final against New Zealand and since then he is not in the team. 

Aakash Chopra believes it is a huge misconception people had that Dhoni’s comeback into the Indian team would be based on his performance in the IPL.

It’s a huge misconception that Dhoni’s comeback to the Indian team was dependent on his performance in the IPL,” Aakash Chopra said.

“If that is how we will view Dhoni as a player and his career and what he has achieved as a player, then I think we are just knocking at the wrong door because it’s not right.”

Dhoni will not play for India again if IPL does not happen, feels Aakash Chopra

“See, if the team wants him to play, all that will happen. But if the IPL doesn’t take place this year, the T20 World Cup doesn’t happen this year, of course he will be a year older and with him out of the cricket for more than 18 months, you can assume that you might not see him play again for India,” he pointed.

The cricketer turned commentator said looking at the current situation it is difficult to hold IPL this year. If IPL doesn’t take place then World Cup will also take place next year only.

“It’s still a long shot because we don’t know how the world is going to operate. This COVID-19 pandemic is a developing story. For a tournament like the IPL, you have to ensure players’ safety. It’s being contemplated to have the IPL behind closed doors and I think it’s better to have the tournament with empty stands rather than not having the tournament at all.”

“To be honest, the T20 World Cup looks very, very difficult because Australia has already put a travel ban until September. The T20 World Cup is slated to be played in October. So, October-November might just turn out to be the window to open up suddenly because moving the entire world to one place and then playing the tournament is a lot tougher than playing, say the IPL, in one country where most of the players are Indians and only a handful of players, have to fly in. From a commentator and a cricket lover’s point of view, I would want the IPL to happen,” Aakash Chopra concluded.

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