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Andre Russell terms Jamaica Tallawahs ‘wierdest’ team he’s played for

West Indies all-rounder Andre Russell has called Jamaica Tallawahs the the “weirdest” he has ever played for. Earlier, his teammate Chris Gayle also lashed out at the Jamaica Tallawahs management. Andre Russell announced the CPL 2020 season would be his last one with the Tallawahs. He was signed up by the Tallawahs in 2018.

Russel told the franchise suffered from “unprofessionalism”, lacking transparent communication. He returned as captain of the Tallawahs in CPL 2018. Russell said it was “very very good for his image”. However, he was unhappy with the way the management went about things. Before the 2018 players’ draft,  Andre Russell shared a list of names, Caribbean and overseas whom he would want in the squad.

I’m a guy that play to win,” Russell said on his Instagram on Tuesday. “And I’ve won 13 championships [T20 titles]. So, I don’t play to lose. If I’m picking a friend I believe in that friend. But the way Tallawahs went about things, that first, they went in in the draft, on the day of the draft, I was trying to reach out to these people. No reply.

Andre Russell said his intention was to “clear the air”. “During the draft still tried to reach out to these guys. No reply. After the draft they messaged me and asked me if I was happy with the team picked. I took a while to reply because I was disappointed.”

“Weirdest franchise that I have ever played in…”, Says Russel

Russell said the Tallawahs did pick a good team. They lost the eliminator to St Kitts & Nevis Patriots. However, things did not change in the 2019 season as well.

This year was way different. This is the weirdest franchise that I have ever played in. And when I mean weird, people that [are] supposed to reach out to you as an individual, and I am not just a normal player in the Jamaica Tallawahs team – I was once a leader. I realise how they look at things and how they do things.

Andre Russell also said he was hurt at being “treated” as a debutant. He was “not involved in anything whatsoever” with regards to the franchise’s plans. “I felt like a first-class player that just made his debut one game ago. Your opinion is not valuable. That’s how I was treated.”

Even this season, Andre Russell was only contacted to check if he was going to sign the contract in order for the franchise to retain him. Russell said he continued to be “kept in the dark” when he asked questions. “Even when I ask questions: who you guys planning on retaining? Who you guys planning on buying? I don’t get no answer on that. So, I just leave it.”

“unprofessionalism” needs to be addressed by the Tallawahs in the way the management has gone about doing things, says Russell. “Addressing unprofessionalism in this team is all about communication.”




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