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AS Roma – Logo Watch

Football fans might have come across this question atleast once. What does the ‘AS’ in AS Roma stands for? And what the hell does their logo represent anyways.

Well, AS stands for Associazione Sportiva, meaning Rome Sports Association. Now that we know about AS, let us figure out their logo.

What does AS Roma logo signify?

To me, at first glance it looked like a one horned female rhinoceros whose horn has been dismantled. On a more deeper look, I found out it’s really not a horn and rather is a shadow. So, the possibility of a rhinoceros is ruled out. The second guess was a wolf, because of her canines and thick fur under the neck. Upon checking I found out the wolf part was correct.

Now, coming to the next characters. There are two babies of similar structure maybe trying to drink milk from the wolf? So Mowgli was real and Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book makes even more sense now.

Jokes aside. Roma are officially nicknamed as La Lupa (The She Wolf). So what’s the significance of a she wolf in Roma’s logo? Let’s find it out.

Additionally, All of these are present within a shield. The primary colors of the logo are imperial purple and golden yellow. The palette actually coincides with the colors of Rome

The club was formed on July 22, 1927, when four Roman teams Fortitudo, Pro Roma, Romano, and Alba were united to create a powerful team. This was done so that it could withstand the northern giants, for example, Juventus, Milan, & Inter. This was done on the initiative of one of the leaders of the fascist party, Italo Fosca.

What are the two babies?

The two babies are Romulus and Remus, the two twins from the famous Italian myth describing how Rome was founded. The boys, who were kidnapped from their mother, were raised by a she-wolf. Both of them grew up and realise their true origins going on to kill their uncle, Amelius, who sanctioned their kidnapping. There is more to it and for those who are interested to read further, you can check here.

The capital club currently sit on 6th position in the Serie A. They are 11 points behind League leaders Juventus.

We will dissect another Logo next week! Until next time.

~ Shivashis Patri

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