Featured - Football - ISL - November 20, 2019

BFC offers a fan a seat in the owners box

In a heart warming move, Bengaluru FC (BFC) humbled an unsuspecting fan by offering her a seat in the owner’s box for the much awaited Kerala blasters game at the Kanteerava on the 23rd Nov, 2019.

Meghana sent out an honest tweet requesting BFC to make it possible for the stadium authorities to allow her to carry a reusable bottle of warm water to stay hydrated and take her meds. The to be mom was pleasantly surprised and humbled by the reaction and response from the club. 

The gesture by the club soon became national news when ANI, Asianet news and other national media took notice of this. 

Meghana was introduced to BFC and the west block family by way of marriage to Suraj, a long standing BFC faithful.  The couple have been regulars at west block ever since. Though they are not the first couple at west block to bring their young ones to the games, they have surely taken “train them young” to a next level.

No wonder the fans always say, BFC loves you back.

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