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Ganguly on two pink-ball Tests in a series

Will team India play two day-night Tests on their Australia tour next year? The question seems interesting after India played its maiden day-night Test the previous month. Cricket Australia has expressed its liking in India doing so. However, BCCI president Sourav Ganguly slightly differs in his views. As per Ganguly, two pink-ball Tests in a four-Test series may seem “a bit too much”. 

Ganguly played a key role in Indian Cricket accepting this change in the longest format. He was the major force as India played its maiden pink-ball Test against Bangladesh last month. It was a landmark game at the Eden Gardens as the game shall be remembered for a long time.

Ganguly has been in favour of day-night games to popularize Test cricket. It is viewed as a successful means to attract more public to the stadiums. Test cricket seems to have become a dying format. Therefore, the idea is seen as a means to revive the longest format. 

Ganguly not keen on playing two pink-ball Tests in a series

However, Ganguly does not seem keen on India playing two pink-ball Tests on their 2020-21 Australia tour. “Whether India go to play two day-night Tests in Australia is not assured,” Ganguly said at the India Today Conclave in Kolkata.

Two out of four would be a bit too much with the pink ball. We will assess it. I read it in the newspapers this morning. I haven’t heard anything from the Australian cricket board. We will deal with it as it comes.” 

Ganguly on two pink-ball Tests in a series
            BCCI president Sourav Ganguly

CA delegation to discuss the possibility

A CA delegation, headed by chairman Earl Eddings, is set to meet Ganguly. The meeting shall take place when Australia tour India for a limited-overs tour in January. India playing two day-night Tests in Australia will be a major part among other discussions as well. 

Negotiations have not yet begun, but we’ll mention that when we’re over there in January talking during the one-day series,” Eddings said. “As you build that trust and build that relationship you have that chat. 

Pleasingly, they’ve played their first day-night Test and won easily. Now they’ve got through that it might give them the right build-up to it over here. I’ve got no doubt they’ll consider playing one and maybe even more day-night Test matches. But that’s down the track to when we catch up with them in January.” 

At the moment, Ganguly does not seem likely on India playing two day-night Tests in a four-match series. However, as the discussions proceed further, it will be interesting to see whether India comply with Australia’s proposal. 

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