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IPL 2020: No change in time, finals in Mumbai

IPL 2020 will be a shortened tournament

The governing council of Indian Premier League (IPL) on Monday, has decided not to change timings of the 8pm matches. It was speculated that the night matches could start from 7:30pm. However, no such change has been made. 

The BCCI, in a noble gesture, will also have an All Stars game. This shall be played between all top international players before the start of IPL. It will be played for a charitable cause. 

Sourav Ganguly, president of the BCCI, also said that the final will happen in Mumbai. It was earlier being speculated that the IPL final could happen in Ahmedabad. 

IPL final will be held in Mumbai,” Ganguly said.

There will be no change in the timing of IPL night games. It will start from 8 pm like earlier years. There was discussion about 7:30 pm but it’s not happening,” Ganguly told reporters after the meeting.

There were talks as to the complete removal of double headers as well. The double headers will not be completely done away with. However, the number of double headers in this year’s season will see a significant drop. As per Ganguly, there shall be only five double headers this season. 

We will have only five double headers (4pm and 8 pm) this time,” Ganguly said.

In another new addition, this season of the IPL will also have concussion substitutes. As per the new ICC rule, a player concussed while batting, bowling or fielding can be withdrawn from the game. He can therefore be replaced subject to the match referee’s approval. 

We are doing the concussion substitute, the All Star Game and the final is in Mumbai,” Ganguly told reporters. 

The 13th edition of the IPL shall begin on March 29th. The final is slated to be held on May 24. 

IPL 2020: No change in time, finals in Mumbai

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