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Is Qatar a good choice for hosting FIFA World Cup 2022?

FIFA World Cup 2022

Questions flew in from the moment when Qatar was nominated for the biggest global tournament in sports after the Olympics, FIFA World Cup 2022. There are various reasons for the tournament’s removal from Qatar to another more deserving nation. 

But why? What is wrong with the new world business capital? Here I pick up some reasons from the Middle East which suggests, Qatar should not be the host of Fifa WC 2022.

The Heatwave: 

Whenever a heatwave hits a Western country, an enterprising TV news crew seems to fry an egg on a car bonnet, or perhaps even the pavement. If one try that trick in Qatar, they could open up a cafe selling fried egg sandwiches.  

Because the heat will be absolutely unbearable. For example, if you have turned to the Australian Open this year when play had to be called off on several occasions after temperatures topped to 105 degrees, Britain’s Jamie Murray had to be treated for heatstroke. Unlike in tennis, FIFA has no policy or rules for extreme weather conditions. 

Some may suggest that World Cups have been played in extreme heat before, but that is in Mexico and assorted South American countries. Football is a quick game, the athletes are quicker and that sort of heat is a real danger. 

Disruption to the European Leagues: 

To combat the heat problem, the solution was presented to be switching the tournament to the winter when temperatures are much more manageable. This may cause a clear disruption to the European Leagues.  

A large portion of the players are involved will represent European clubs. UEFA is by far the most-represented confederation at the tournament like WC. 13 of the 32 nations from Europe, and many from other countries have their day jobs there too.


Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. In a civilised world, those sort of attitudes should not be tolerated, but obviously FIFA has not taken such concerns seriously. As the President quoted that they should refrain from sexual activity. I mean, is he serious? This may distract a hefty chunk of foreign money. 

A World Cup for blood? 

400 Nepalese migrant workers have died in the construction works in Qatar since the World Cup bid was won. The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 organising committee has also issued a charter, which guarantees the safety of its workers. However, whether the situation will improve or not, is a matter of doubt. It is quite inhumane to give the labour in that heat. This will be a World Cup fed on blood.

Final in the city which doesn’t exist yet: 

Qatar is a country with no real football history. So it is natural that they would hardly have a real infrastructure that can cope with an event the size of the World Cup. It will cost something in the region of $220 billion to build the stadium, hotels and assorted other parts, where it took only $3.5 billion to prepare South Africa for the 2010 tournament.

The city, which is scheduled to host the final is named ‘Lusail City’ and it doesn’t actually exist yet. They are after building an entirely new city, about 15 km north of Doha for the final. There is still time. A more deserving country must take on the charge to host the WC. Fifa may organise a hundred more WCs with the money-wasting here.

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