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Kerala Blasters CEO opens up on Bengaluru banter

The CEO of Kerala Blasters took to social media on the night of 25th Nov. It was to pen down his emotional reaction to the banter of Bengaluru FC fans in the game they played in Bengaluru on the 23rd of Nov 2019. 

Viren D’ Silva, the CEO of Kerala Blasters wrote a flowing piece on the much quoted and used Banter chant of Bengaluru FC fans against KBFC. The chant first started in 2016 when playing for both ISL and I-League was banned which meant  CK vineet and Rino Anto had to part ways with BFC and play for Kerala Blasters.

The duo had made their way to the west block where a bunch of west block blues bantered with CK and Rino and were asked who the fuck are Kerala blasters. The banter video went viral on social media and the fans of KBFC tool it to heart. 

The use of the F word was somehow seen too demeaning by the fans of KBFC and they retorted by spamming BFC and BFC fans on social media. The rivalry was hence created before a single game was played between the two sides. 

WTFAKB has ever since remained a popular chant at West Block and for some reason remains alive despite many attempts by the BFC loyals to outgrow the childish fit. 

Kerala Blasters fans and CEO unhappy

Though the chant is seen as a childish fit by the west block blues, the fans of Kerala blasters and now the CEO just don’t seem to be able to swallow the banter. When Viren D’Silva went emotional and wrote a lengthy piece about Kerala football and Kerala culture, it came as shock to many people on the footballing circuit as CEOs rarely ever get involved in the battles in the stands. 

The write-up was taken to heart by KBFC fans and many spoke about the heritage and culture of Kerala. Some even invoked elders and god’s in their attempt to pip the CEOs article. The fans on the other side first called the CEOs meltdown an immature reaction not expected by the management, but as more reactions came in, the BFC fans must’ve realised there was a need to clear out the air. Though there was no official announcement of sorts from the west block blues, fans in individual capacities tweeted saying the chant was just a banter against the club and its performance and not against Kerala or Kerala football.

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