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Manchester city defeated by wolverhampton to give liverpool breathing space at the top of the table

Manchester City defeated by Wolverhampton to give Liverpool more breathing space at the top of the table.


Manchester City took on Wolverhampton at home, with the intention of keeping the pressure on an unbeaten Liverpool at the top of the table. The plan, however, went exactly the opposite way, as they were beaten by an obviously well-prepared wolves team. Manchester City, as usual, dominated the match with their heavy possession football, as much as 77% and having as much as 18 shots to wolves 7. The defensive issues which were pointed out in the Norwich encounter showed up again today, especially in the first goal that came in the 80th minute with a 2 on 3 breaks, which saw Adama Traore, putting it pass Pederson quite easily after a single pass from his teammate, the second was similar however he didn’t have as many defenders, as he was left one on one to put it to the left of Pederson again to make it two in injury time.
This loss leaves Manchester City in second on 16 points behind Liverpool with 24 points, and Arsenal just behind them with 15 points. The 8 points gap between first and second now puts Manchester city in an uncomfortable position if they intend to win their third straight premier league title.

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