Cricket - Featured - November 7, 2019

National anthem in IPL : KXIP’s proposal

Ness Wadia, co-owner of Kings XI Punjab has written to the BCCI. He insists the Indian national anthem be played before the start of every IPL game.

Ness Wadia’s emphasis on national anthems in IPL :

National anthems are played before an international game begins. Wadia says it should happen in the world’s biggest league as well. It should be implemented from the 2020 IPL edition. He also appreciated BCCI’s move. BCCI scrapped an expensive opening ceremony of the IPL.

“It is an excellent move. It is high time that we don’t have an opening ceremony. I have always wondered about the value and necessity of hosting an opening ceremony. One thing which they (BCCI) should do is to have the national anthem before each game given that it is the Indian Premier League,” Wadia told PTI.

“I had written to the BCCI earlier also and now I have written to Mr Sourav Ganguly (BCCI president). And I think it is still played in movie theatres.”

The national anthem is also played in other famous Indian leagues. These include the Indian Super League (football) and Pro Kabaddi League.

“It is the Indian Premier League after all. We should be proud of what we have, which is a wonderful national anthem and a wonderful league. In NBA too, the national anthem is played before every game,” he said.

Wadia on pre-season friendlies :

The IPL governing council has been discussing the proposal of franchises. This is to play ‘friendlies abroad‘. However, it requires a detailed study of the International Cricket Council’s Futures Tours Programme (FTP).
Talking about the matter, Wadia hopes that BCCI will look to take the IPL brand beyond the country.

“The IPL is an Indian tournament. However, if one could look at expanding its reach, that will only be beneficial for all the stakeholders including the BCCI because it is also an international event.

“If you look at the top football leagues all around the world, you do see them playing a lot of pre-season friendlies overseas. It only improves the visibility, reach and eventually the value of the IPL. BCCI must consider it.

“It would be nice to have the world’s number one cricketing league emulate what other sporting leagues have done. NBA has also come to India and China. The problem is the window (the scheduling) and that is where the BCCI comes in,” he added.

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