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Nayan Mongia wants to play the role of National Selector

Former Indian wicket-keeper Nayan Mongia says he can play the role of National selector more prominently than the role of coach. Nayan Mongia had represented India in 1996 and 1999 World Cups. He played 44 test matches and 140 ODI matches for India. Mongia was accused of match-fixing against West Indies as he gobbled up 21 balls to make a mere 4 runs along with Manoj Prabhakar who made a slow century.

While speaking to cricket journalist Chandresh Narayan he said, I am not a so-called coaching person. I would like to be a selector. I can do a good job as a selector. I can do justice to the role of selector. But coaching is not my cup of tea. That is what I think. I don’t have that kind of temperament.”

“I can see the player, know his potential. I can judge the player, whether he is Lamba race ka Ghoda or not. Whether he can be a player of the future. That much I can be with my experience, with my cricketing ability. That Kala for me is still there. I can become a good selector, ” Nayan Mongia added. 

Nayan Mongia recalls instances about his dropout from the team

Mongia also spoke about some of the incidents in his career. He  outwas dropped out of the team in a bad way. He said he was sent out a minute before the toss in the last test at Chennai in 2001 against Australia. Mongia did not play for India after that.

” It is still a mystery to me as to why I didn’t play the 3rd test match in Chennai. I was told in the dressing room that you are playing. I was ready. when I was changing just before the toss Sourav Ganguly came and told me you are not playing. It really shocked me, Next day I took somebody else’s ticket and I flew to Mumbai and went to Baroda to play Ranji Trophy against Tamil Nadu.  I got an 80 and we won the match, ” Nayan Mongia recalled. 

He also spoke about another incident from the tour of Australia in 1999-2000.

“I flew there (Australia). I almost reached on time. I was told you are playing a test match, but somehow I count get a chance to play in the test match. It was going to be 31st December (1999). So I asked management whether I can call my wife. Then they said, you are going back. Selectors said they wanted me to stay back, team management didn’t want me to stay there. That was the story that I could gather. It was disappointing. ” 

Nayan Mongia wants to play the role of National Selector
Nayan Mongia

Disappointed due to unexpected career end

“I was disappointed with how my career ended. Anyone will get disappointed. Everyone wants to end their career on a happy note. After playing so well, after doing well to the country, giving everything. But it is still professional life I take it my stride. My career could have ended in a much better way than it needed,” Nayan Mongia said. 

” I do still feel bitter about certain phases of my career. I have no regrets though. I am very happy that I played for the country. I gave my everything. I did from the bottom of my heart. I did it truly. So that’s absolutely fine with me.”


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