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NBA 2019-20 Season Takeaways After One Month

The first month of NBA is closing upon us. We have a pleasant surprise out west, an unexpected package out east, the fall of a champions out west and the expected chaos in New York. This and many more takeaways from the first month of NBA.

Same as Pre-Season Hype

Lebron James and Anthony Davis
  1. Los Angeles Lakers have been the class of NBA so far this season, with their defense being far better than even the most optimistic of projections. Lebron James is murdering everyone in his path. All this with Anthony Davis in and out the team with injuries and Kyle Kuzma just coming back from injury.
  2. Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis are continuing where they left off in the regular season last year. Though the offense and defense have taken an expected dip, they are still among the best East has to offer.
  3. Los Angeles Clippers have been found wanting in defense. But, with Paul George finally back into the team healthy the team defense should shore up considerably. While, Kawhi continues his stoic extermination of the league.
  4. Boston Celtics this season so far are what Danny Ainge imagined they would be when he traded for Kyrie Irving last season. Better late than never I suppose.
  5. Houston Rockets continue their merry way into wins with James Harden scoring at a historic pace. Whether he will be able to keep this up into post season is the big question as we have seen James Harden Monstrous Regular Season Scorer and Crash in the Post Season movie before. James Harden and co are judged favorably only when they win the NBA Championship .
  6. Philadelphia 76ers and Tobias Harris are having some troubles early on but, they should be able to smooth out most of those over the course of the season. They are still one of the better teams of NBA in the Eastern conference.

Surprises of the NBA Season

Pheonix Suns
  1. Phoenix Suns have been rightfully criticized the past few seasons for meandering without a sense of direction and wasting the talent on their roster. They have been the basement dwellers of NBA along with the Knicks. It appears they have finally put it all together in the early parts of this season, all without DeAndre Ayton playing any role. Rick Rubio has this offense flowing and they have been a pleasant surprise.
  2. Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler are smashing through the league early doors with an unbeaten home record so far surprising everyone with their play. The rookies have been exceptional so far. But, the challenge will be to keep playing at this level through the season.
  3. Dallas Mavericks are mostly fulfilling their pre-season hype with Luka Doncic playing like an MVP so far this season. The early form of Porzingis is a little worrying but, they will be hoping their big money player is just shaking off injury rust. Rest of the NBA better be on notice when Porzingis does finally round into form.
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves made a fast start to the season before petering out a little bit. Andrew Wiggins has been really good this season. But we have seen false dawns from the 2014 No 1 overall pick before so, the jury is still out on him until he puts a full season of good performances.
  5. Toronto Raptors are coping well post Kawhi Leonard’s departure with Spicy P leading them . Their bench hasn’t lost any depth this season with the emergence of Terrence Davis and the rest of the guys stepping up in the absence of Kyle Lowry.

Disappointments of the NBA Season

Draymond Green and Stephen Curry
  1. Golden State Warriors were expected to fall from their dizzying heights this season with Kevin Durant leaving and Klay Thompson’s long-term injury, but the fall has been stark. Granted Steph Curry’s injury in the 4 game of the season didn’t help. This has been a steep fall from grace for the former NBA champions.
  2. Portland Trailblazers were no one’s championship pick, not even as a dark horse, sorry Portland fans. But their early season form has been atrocious. Here’s hoping their signing of Carmelo Anthony works out favorably for both parties.

Dumpster Fire of the NBA Season

There is only one contender for this category

David Fizdale and Knicks

New York Knicks. Oh, where do we start with this utterly dysfunctional franchise and their ongoing soap opera. After a disastrous summer in free agency and losing marquee signing of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Nets, things have not gone any better afterwards. Losing the Zion Williamson sweepstakes and now there is talk of them firing head coach David Fizdale.

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