Athletics - September 30, 2019

Shelly Ann Fraser pryce wins fourth 100 meter wolrd title.

The third day of action at the 2019 edition of the Iaaf world championship in Doha was set for fireworks with the women’s 100 meter final set to close the day’s action. The highly anticipated race did not dissapoint, with form favorites, Elaine Thompson, Dina Asher Smith, Shelly Ann fraser pryce and marie Jose Talou all qualified for the final with sub 11 clockings, settingbthe stage for fireworks in the afternoon.
The 5 ft giant of women sprinting Shelly Ann , or mommy rocket left the field stunned when she ran a new world lead of 10.71 to win her fifth world title in the 100 meter event. Dina Asher Smith and Marie Jose Talou managed to get silver and bronze meanwhile Elaine Thompson could only manage to hang on to the fourth place position.
This victory today gives shelly Ann fraser pryce legacy as the queen of jamaican female sprinting a boost and with so much success could be regarded someday as the queen of female sprinting for the world.

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