Pragmatism, poor football, negativity, empty stadium seats on match days, confusion, poor results and hopelessness now hover around the club that was once an identity of beautiful football, class and hope in the English premier league.
       It is no news now that the post – Wenger era at the club has been nothing short of failure and nothing to write home about. The new era has been a total contrast of what the club as a whole has been known for. The beautiful football has vanished, no Champions League football, our bitter rivals are doing better than us and the worst happened when club fans turned on their own players. How did we get here?? The decline has long started under Arsene Wenger. Wenger lacked the steel, grit and mental strength to challenge with the ever evolving rivals for the premier league and continually failed at challenging top teams in Europe. This prompted the fans to ask for a change that has been long overdue. Arsene Wenger sure left us in a worse position we could have imagined but covered the flaws of the team with the confidence he has in them and the beautiful style of play he has instilled.
        The post Wenger era started with the appointment of Unai Emery which oversaw a lot of backroom changes and that was the point where we missed it.
         Replacing Arsene Wenger was never going to be an easy task but definitely not an impossible one. The appointment of Unai Emery came with so much hope for a section of the fan base and the other section with crossed fingers. 18 months have gone by and there has not been any notable progress. What exactly has happened?
    Wenger’s team played beautifully well whilst lacking the strength to win major trophies. Unai Emery was appointed to add this mental strength needed to win trophies due to his impressive past records. It didn’t end as planned. I will solely blame Unai Emery for the decline this season.
In the bid to add grit to a team of soft, weak but very talented group of players, Emery abandoned the normal process of how things should be done. A football team should be set up  according to the strength of the squad. We are Arsenal, that’s how we play. Emery became So pragmatic he abandoned the strengths of his own team and focused more on the Strengths of his opponents. That explains the cluelessness of the players whenever they have the ball because they were being prepared not to play the ball but to keep it out from the opponent. This set up drastically reduced the confidence level of the players. They no longer know what their strengths are again. This exactly is why we cant seem to dominate games against lesser teams both at home and away ground again.
The first step to redemption has been taken by the sacking of Unai Emery. He his definitely not the man to move the club to the next level. Whoever comes in to replace him as an interim or a permanent manager has a whole lot on his hands. We’re not gonna get an immediate turnaround. It took years to get to this stage, we won’t improve in one week. It’s a gradual process away from failure. The first assignment  is to get the boys playing the Arsenal way again. The manager has to raise the lads’ spirits, inspire them, raise their confidence, identify their strengths, make them aware of them then we can start playing well again. A team short of confidence is never ever going to do well. It will take a little while for the manager to get the team going again. The team’s problem is more psychological than tactical. They unconsciously fall back to play the Emery way even though they have new instructions. They have been used to it. As fans, the earlier we realize that the team needs us now more than ever before, the better for us and the team.This is no time to bash anyone. We need to come together as a club and raise their confidence level again.

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