Athletics - August 24, 2019

Unanswered questions in Coleman’s whereabouts saga.

The track and field world is in awe after the news of the possible ban of the world 60 meter record holder and world leader in the 100 meters Christian Coleman. News broke earlier this week that the reigning world silver medallist missed three of his tests in the space of 12 months and is now facing a possible two year ban from the sport and the rules of the world anti-doping agency, equates three missed drug tests to a failed drug tests.

This gloomy news for the track and field world has some highly demanded answers in order to understand and assess both party’s argument in this shadowed dilemma. The first question would be the most obvious, which is, why was Coleman not found on three separate occasions, knowing how the Drug whereabouts system worked? Secondly, did WADA give any form of warning after the second test being missed? Were the test missed consecutive since it’s reported that he was tested on eleven (11) different occasions in the calendar year? Is this a possible blunder by the management of the athlete who failed to update the information of the athlete in the ADAMS (Anti-doping Administration and Management system) which should have been there three months in advance? Among other Questions which should be answered in the coming days.

This one sure has hit hard especially with the IAAF world championship set to start next month in Doha. It is quite unfortunate for the athlete especially if the athlete is clean, and followers can remember a similar scenario with former British 400 meter runner Christine Ohurugu. It is however for these reasons why proper management, responsibility and willingness to comply by set rules is important for athletes and sports, because even if Coleman is an innocent athlete, he will miss the chance to win his first ever world championship title in the peak shape and possibly miss the Olympics as well.

It may not be the nicest decision that may be taken, for the sport in terms of losing the face of the 100 meter sprinting but it is the best decision for the integrity and future for the sport of track and field.


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