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Valencia CF – Logo Watch

Valencia Club de Football, also known by Valencia CF or simply Valencia is a Spanish Football Club. They play in La Liga, the top tier of Spain.

Valencia were founded in 1919 and have played their home games at the 50,000 seater Mestalla since 1923. A move to the much awaited new 75,000 seater stadium (Nou Mestalla) looms closer than ever for the Los Ches. Well, now that we know about their formation, let’s figure out their logo.

What does Valencia logo signify?

Well, for a start – Valencia’s logo is shaped in the form of a shield. Now, on topmost part of the shield is a bat, very evident from its outstretched wings. In the middle part, we see an old fashioned Football. Similar kind of balls those were used during the 1930s World Cup and this particular style went on till 1960s even more. Post that, we got those fancy shiny stickers, sponsors etc.

In the centre of the crest, there is a blue line with bold white text ‘Valencia CF.‘ The palette of the Valencia CF logo is heavily based on that of it’s home city’s crest and flag: red, yellow, blue, black, and white. The only exception is brown, which is used for football.

So everything is clear so far, except for the Bat. Again it leads us to the same question that was raised during the Bayer Leverkusen’s logo watch. Does the bat has any significance? The answer, as you would have guessed is Yes.

The Popular Bat Story:

The answer, is on very similar lines as well and very much related to the ‘Coat of Arms of Valencia.’ As mentioned in our Leverkusen article in detail, any given Coat of Arms has 4 parts:

  • The Motto
  • The Crest
  • The Supporters
  • The Shield Elements
Valencia Coat of Arms
Valencia Coat of Arms

As you can see the Bat is very well available in the Valencia Coat of Arms. There might be two possible reasons to include a bat. One, bats are very common in Spain. Especially the mountains of the Valencia region are mainly formed of limestone rocks, which provides excellent habitats for bats. This is a very scientific reason.

The other reason is kind of contested but nonetheless part of the city’s folklore. On 9th October 1238, when King James I was about to enter Valencia after winning a battle of sorts, a bat landed on the top of his flag, and he interpreted it as a good sign. James I, eventually conquered the city and the since then, bat is added to the coat of arms.

Post that, the bat has been ever-present in all the versions of Valencia logo. Well, DC isn’t very thrilled with the decision as they have the copyright to the Bat Logo for their creation of ‘The Batman’ during the 1940s. A lawsuit was filed by them as well, to support their claims.

The 3rd most popular club in Spain are currently on 9th position in La Liga. They travel to face Real Betis on Saturday after the international break.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you guys enjoyed it. We will cover another club in our next logo watch series. Do keep an eye out.

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